The Best Proven Ways of using Photography to Build Websites in 2018


When you are staring a website, after you are done with all of the boring aspects like dealing with the domain name and any platforms for ecommerce and so on, then comes the fun part and that is the design aspect. The design of a website is everything and this is absolutely true for any kind of website, professional and personal, so it is definitely something that is worth your time. Today we are actually going to talk a little bit about how you can use photography to build websites and how the right kind of images can make a great impact on your visitors or customers, so definitely make sure to keep reading to find out more.

Photography to Build Websites

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 Only use high-quality images

When you have a website and you are trying to use pictures as a huge part of the design process, then the one thing that you definitely need to do is make sure that you are using high-quality images. A lot of the time people make the mistake of using images that are too small and simply try to stretch them out in order to fit the space. 



And while the image will stretch, the end result will be an image that is completely pixelated, fuzzy and people will have no idea what they’re actually looking at. Instead of uploading an image that is smaller and then stretch it to fit the size you have, try to find an image that actually fits the size of your website. This way you will be able to retain the quality of the image and the overall appearance of the site will be much better.


Use images that are completely your own and unique

When using photography to build websites, something that you definitely need to take advantage of is the fact that images will allow you to really make your business or personal website stand out from the crowd and that is something you need to take to your advantage. However, in order for that to work you need to have images that are completely unique. Stock images are always an option when you have a lower budget, however, they are usually the same cheesy photos repeating themselves over and over again and they really aren’t something that will help you get that uniqueness. If you are serious about your website you should really try your best to get some original images taken specifically for you and your website because that will make your website truly unique.


Make sure the images have meaning

If you want your website to be successful you definitely need to make sure that you are using images that actually have some kind of meaning and that they are on par with your brand and what you want to say. You can’t just pick any random images and use those because that will confuse the people that visit your website. When you are building a website with photography then you need to make sure that anyone that lands on your page will be able to know exactly what the site is about just by looking at the images and before reading the written content.

Another thing that people make a mistake with is that they think the images should be the only thing that is in focus and that isn’t true. Even when building the site with images, there still needs to be a balance between the written content and the images.

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Images are one of the most vital parts of any website and they give you the perfect opportunity to make the best out of your site in a very easy way. Using photography to build websites is a great way to capture the eyes of your customers or readers and we hope that this article helped you see how choosing the right images can make all the difference for a website.