Where to look for free digital photos for blogs

free digital photos

Selecting and using the best photos for your blog or site can be difficult. Don’t forget that one can’t simply use Google to search for images and use any image they find interesting on their blog. This practice is illegal and it can activate a lawsuit against you. In order to stay safe, our recommendation is to use free digital photos. Luckily, there’s a long list of websites where you can search for images like this and we are about to present the best ones.


Stock.xchng or Stock Exchange is a popular website among bloggers looking for a safe place to download free images. At this moment, Stock.xchng has more than 400,000 images and digital photos in their offer. When you are using this platform, you should be aware of the fact that not all of the images are free and some of these images may lead you to websites featuring paid photos.

Free Pixels

This may not be the largest site where people can download free digital photos, but it definitely has an impressive collection of high-quality photos. Most of these photos are related to nature and if this is your blog’s theme then you’ve hit a gold mine.

Stock Vault

In case you are interested in using visually attractive digital photos, then you should visit this website. Stock Vault is another website dedicated to free digital photos. Once again, be careful when using websites like this because they are also featuring ads which will lead you to paid photos.

Ancestry Images

There are many bloggers that have blogs about the past. In addition, some of them are sharing blog posts about history and all of them need suitable photos to make their content more appealing. If you are in a situation like this, our advice is to try Ancestry images. This platform is packed with old images, old maps, retro prints and digitalized photos from the past.

Public Domain Photos

As the name suggests, this is the place where you can find public domain photos. They have more than 5000 photos like this and these photos belong to different categories from science and technology to nature and people.

Every Stock Photo

The list ends with Every Stock Photo, an online platform that has more than 16 million free photos and many of them are digital photos. Keep in mind that they come with different licenses.

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